What is CETEFL?

CETEFL is an electronic discussion-list (and much more!) for EFL/ESL professionals who have come together to pool their experience and knowledge, so that each can benefit from the ideas and experiences of the group.

CETEFL membership is NOT limited to EFL teachers, but our organization focusses its mission around the needs and concerns of EFL/ESL professionals living/working in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our PRIMARY GOAL is collectively to strive towards our own individual professional development as teachers of English, and in so doing to raise the standard of the EFL/ESL field as a whole.

Although our REGION OF SPECIFIC CONCERN is Central and Eastern Europe, we welcome EFL/ESL professionals (from all countries) who share our primary goal, as full members. In particular, we seek out EFL/ESL teachers, teacher-trainers and teacher-trainees. We welcome both native and non-native speakers of any variety of the English language.

Our association is NOT meant to be an expat teachers' club.

One unique feature of the list is that messages are electronically sorted into broad subject areas and members can filter out those areas that do not interest them. Members can also choose to receive postings in one daily block posting (digest).

CETEFL is also unique in that its members regularly meet each other (in the real world) either on an individual basis, or for a CETEFL regional Get-Together. (See the Photo Gallery for our Prague 2001 Get-Together.)

CETEFL exists for the following 6 reasons:

  1. To encourage members to share their ideas, professional and personal, in a forum where all are treated as equals.

  2. To provide members with information about professional training opportunities in Central/Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

  3. To provide a job information and support group for members seeking employment within Central and Eastern Europe.

  4. To archive (or reference) materials useful for teaching EFL/ESL in C/E Europe, and make them readily accessible to members.

  5. To stimulate the spirit of comradeship among our members, and promote the conviction that we are all EFL/ESL professionals, who are able to help each other develop our skills.

  6. To promote better understanding of our cultures and perspectives on the world and our part of the teaching profession.

For information about subscribing, click on the "Subscribe" button. If you have questions about CETEFL, please contact us:

Eric Baber
CETEFL System Administrator           

Dennis Newson
CETEFL List Manager

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